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  • ConfigMgr – SQL query to find Package type

    select *, ‘Package Type (Text)’ = Case when v_Package.PackageType = 0 Then ‘Software Distribution Package’ when v_Package.PackageType = 3 Then ‘Driver Package’ when v_Package.PackageType = 4 Then ‘Task Sequence Package’ when v_Package.PackageType = 5 Then ‘Software Update Package’ when v_Package.PackageType… Read More ›

  • ConfigMgr – SCCM Advertisement, Package Type and Program Information with Target Count

    select CollectionID, COUNT(*) as MemberCount into #TempTable from v_FullCollectionMembership group by CollectionID SELECT dbo.v_Advertisement.AdvertisementID, dbo.v_Advertisement.AdvertisementName, ‘PackageType’ = Case when v_Package.PackageType = 0 Then ‘Software Distribution Package’ when v_Package.PackageType = 3 Then ‘Driver Package’ when v_Package.PackageType = 4 Then ‘Task Sequence… Read More ›

  • Power BI : Active Directory v/s SCCM Boundaries

    Purpose : Active Directory Sites and System Center Configuration Manager Boundaries are hard to keep in sync – especially in an environment where there are regular changes and several team managing each technology separately. This Power BI dashboard solution will… Read More ›

  • ConfigMgr : Query to find SCCM client versions (ConfigMgr 2012)

    download : SQLQuery-find-agentsversions select sys.Client_Version0, “CM Name”= case sys.Client_Version0 when ‘4.00.6487.2000’ then ‘CM07 SP2 (4.00.6487.2000)’ when ‘4.00.6487.2188’ then ‘CM07 R3 (4.00.6487.2188)’ when ‘4.00.6487.2187’ then ‘CM07 R3 (4.00.6487.2187)’ when ‘4.00.6487.2157’ then ‘CM07 R3 (4.00.6487.2157)’ when ‘5.00.0000.0000’ then ‘CM12 RTM (5.00.0000.0000)’ when ‘5.00.7804.1000’… Read More ›

  • ConfigMgr : OSD : How To Create a Bootable USB Windows 7 Build Disk

    Prerequisites The following are required to build the Windows 7 USB Media: Windows 7 Machine USB Removable Drive   Step by Step: How to prepare the USB The USB device must be prepared prior to generate the stand alone media…. Read More ›

  • ConfigMgr : SQL Query to find Application and version by location

    Download :  SQLQuery-Findmachines-withoutlook-locationspecific SELECT distinct b.Netbios_Name0, b.User_Name0, b.ad_site_name0, a.FileName, a.FileVersion, a.FilePath FROM v_GS_SoftwareFile a JOIN v_R_System b ON a.ResourceID = b.ResourceID JOIN v_RA_System_SystemOUName c ON a.ResourceID = c.ResourceID WHERE FileName = ‘outlook.exe’ and AD_Site_Name0 like ‘%perth%’ ORDER BY b.Netbios_Name0

  • ConfigMgr : Creating queries, collections and reports for Window Server 2008 Core in System Center Configuration Manager 2007

    System Center Configuration Manager 2007 SP2 allows client installation on Windows Server 2008 Core systems* but it does not differentiate between Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 Core machines in either queries, collections or reports. * Configuration Manager 2007… Read More ›

  • ConfigMgr : OSD : Build failure Troubleshooting and Logs gathering

    During the Build process if you encounter any issues you can perform further investigation with the below mandatory information Machine model Error code with snapshot Error stage with snapshot (may be hiding behind the Task Sequence error window) Single system failure… Read More ›

  • ConfigMgr : Machine added to a ConfigMgr group is not captured during the Delta Discovery Process (ConfigMgr 2007)

    When adding machines to a Security group you usually want them to appear in the collection quickly although there can be a delay while waiting on full discovery.  If increasing the Full Discovery Polling schedule is not an option, we… Read More ›