SCCM SQL Query : Find SCCM Client Health

sys.Name0 as ‘Computer Name’,
sys.User_Name0 as ‘User Name’,
case when summ.ClientActiveStatus = 0 then ‘Inactive’
when summ.ClientActiveStatus = 1 then ‘Active’
end as ‘ClientActiveStatus’,
case when summ.IsActiveDDR = 0 then ‘Inactive’
when summ.IsActiveDDR = 1 then ‘Active’
end as ‘IsActiveDDR’,
case when summ.IsActiveHW = 0 then ‘Inactive’
when summ.IsActiveHW = 1 then ‘Active’
end as ‘IsActiveHW’,
case when summ.IsActiveSW = 0 then ‘Inactive’
when summ.IsActiveSW = 1 then ‘Active’
end as ‘IsActiveSW’,
case when summ.ISActivePolicyRequest = 0 then ‘Inactive’
when summ.ISActivePolicyRequest = 1 then ‘Active’
end as ‘ISActivePolicyRequest’,
case when summ.IsActiveStatusMessages = 0 then ‘Inactive’
when summ.IsActiveStatusMessages = 1 then ‘Active’
end as ‘IsActiveStatusMessages’,
case when LastHealthEvaluationResult = 1 then ‘Not Yet Evaluated’
when LastHealthEvaluationResult = 2 then ‘Not Applicable’
when LastHealthEvaluationResult = 3 then ‘Evaluation Failed’
when LastHealthEvaluationResult = 4 then ‘Evaluated Remediated Failed’
when LastHealthEvaluationResult = 5 then ‘Not Evaluated Dependency Failed’
when LastHealthEvaluationResult = 6 then ‘Evaluated Remediated Succeeded’
when LastHealthEvaluationResult = 7 then ‘Evaluation Succeeded’
end as ‘Last Health Evaluation Result’,
case when LastEvaluationHealthy = 1 then ‘Pass’
when LastEvaluationHealthy = 2 then ‘Fail’
when LastEvaluationHealthy = 3 then ‘Unknown’
end as ‘Last Evaluation Healthy’,
case when summ.ClientRemediationSuccess = 1 then ‘Pass’
when summ.ClientRemediationSuccess = 2 then ‘Fail’
else ”
end as ‘ClientRemediationSuccess’,
from v_CH_ClientSummary summ
inner join v_R_System sys on summ.ResourceID = sys.ResourceID
order by sys.Name0

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