ServiceNow-SCCM integration without SNOW orchestartion

Solution to bypass SNOW orchestration for Service Portal to be used as Frontend for application install

Action from SNOW

  1. User browses to Appstore(Service Portal) instance with web browser.
  2. User locates application to install and “orders” it which generate new request in SNOW that defines the application is ordered with Application Name, Device Name and Collection name.
  3. Request follow the approval process.
  4. SNOW export the required info in csv and save it on specific shared location(SCCM dedicated MID server).
  5. Request status will be “Work in Progress/Deploying” state till it is completed(New status received from script/connector).

Action from Script


  1. Script/connector reside on dedicated SCCM MID server executes periodically and accessing csv on shared location(exported from SNOW) to query for new requested items that have been approved for deployment.
  2. Script/connector execute and add device to collection based on the input received from csv.
  3. When device is added to collection and everything worked, script/connector send back the status to SNOW with periodic sync and requested item in ServiceNow marked as complete.
  4. If something went wrong, connector marks the request as failed in ServiceNow and assign Task to support team.

Dedicated MID server will be built on SCCM CAS site which will reduce any action over network and execute scripts on same server.SNOW-SCCM_Proposed

2 thoughts on “ServiceNow-SCCM integration without SNOW orchestartion

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  2. What is need of maintaining shared CSV file for new requests and required parameters for script when same can be done with staging form in ServiceNow and scripted rest api’s os staging table to update staging record and relavant request items status.


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