ConfigMgr : Install failed patches by KB article number from SCCM cache on a remote computer


If you patch your computers with SCCM, sometimes a patch fails and the whole patching will stuck. This script could install the patches without a reboot (useful in production environment).

# Install Patch

# — Mihaly Kolozsi —- PowerShell Developer 2015

# — Natascia Heil —- Solution Architect 2015

# — Ver 0.7

# Installing failed sccm patches



Install choosen patches on remote computers from the SCCM cache.


The script search for an exact windows update patch in the SCCM cache folder based on the KB article number the installs it to the mentioned server remotely, without rebooting the system.

It can patch a single computer or a list of computers (you have to prepare a txt file with a list of computers, example:






The script creates a log file on the remote machine.


Install-Patch -computer Server1 -kbnumber 3234064 -Log C:ITwupdate.log

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