How to know if your computer supports BIOS/UEFI/Device Guard/Credential Guard ?

AN IT DIARY of Windows, MEM & PowerShell

Hi Friends

Recently I was involved in Windows 10 imaging project through SCCM. In our task sequence we had BIOS to UEFI conversion step. Also we supported device guard and credential guard in Windows 10. Post imaging we had to verify if these features are enabled on our imaged machine which can be achieved through simple steps. I thought to compile this information for  reference. Hope it will be useful for you too. So, here are the steps:

  1. Run msinfo32 from command prompt.
  2. You can verify settings from “System Summary”.

Simple, isn’t. 🙂

You can also check for BIOS or UEFI support by browsing c:WindowsPanther and opening setpact.log.

Search for Callback_BootEnvironmentDetect: Detected boot environment. The value should show BIOS or EFI.

So, that’s all in this quick post. See you soon with another technical stuff. Till then “ta-ta”

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