Disable SCCM Automatic Client Remediation during Windows 10 In-Place Upgrades

Colin Ford

I ran into an issue the other day during a W10 1703 to 1709 in-place upgrade where the upgrade task sequence bombed after Windows setup had completed. The OS had upgraded successfully to 1709 and SetupDiag also reported all was well in that area, however the remainder of the task sequence never ran, not a single-step post the upgrade task, so the device was missing some post-setup customisations.


Analysing the SCCM client logs on the local machine this is what I saw:

20/07/2018 09:20:xx AM – (execmgr.log) Windows 1709 upgrade TS started
20/07/2018 09:41:xx AM – (smsts.log) Windows 1709 upgrade Windows setup.exe completes and initiates reboot of system to complete upgrade
20/07/2018 09:59:xx AM – (ccmsetup.log) CCM setup starts a re-install of 1802 client, stopping CCMExec and un-registering components
20/07/2018 10:00:20 AM – (smsts.log) Windows 1709 upgrade starts task sequence initialization to resume upgrade process
20/07/2018 10:00:21 AM –…

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