All Group Policy Settings for Windows 10 1703, aka Creators Update

Colin Ford

This is a follow up to my previous post New Group Policy Settings for Windows 10 1703, aka Creators Update. My previous post contained the small list of group policy settings that only apply to Windows 10 1703 and Edge in 1703. New group policies were also exposed in 1703 that apply to various operating systems and browsers which I will list here.

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SCORCH : Create your first simple Orchestrator runbook (Automating AD User Account Creation)

IT Snacks!

Welcome to the blog .. to be simple .. System Center Orchestrator is a workflow tool dedicated to automate repeated tasks .. this is done by integrating SCO with other systems by using what is called the integration packs and setting conditions that will trigger the solution you design “The Runbook” to do the repeated tasks you used to do one by one automatically reducing time and cost, I assume you have a little knowledge of Orchestrator as this blog is not dedicated to be an intro to SCO neither explaining SCO architecture ..

In this blog we will do the following (high level steps):-

1- Set the initialize data activity to receive the AD user account first name, last name and SAM account name (login name), get this activity from the “Runbook Control” area in the activities list.

2- Use the “Generate Random Text” activity to generate a random…

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