Disable SCCM Automatic Client Remediation during Windows 10 In-Place Upgrades

Colin Ford

I ran into an issue the other day during a W10 1703 to 1709 in-place upgrade where the upgrade task sequence bombed after Windows setup had completed. The OS had upgraded successfully to 1709 and SetupDiag also reported all was well in that area, however the remainder of the task sequence never ran, not a single-step post the upgrade task, so the device was missing some post-setup customisations.


Analysing the SCCM client logs on the local machine this is what I saw:

20/07/2018 09:20:xx AM – (execmgr.log) Windows 1709 upgrade TS started
20/07/2018 09:41:xx AM – (smsts.log) Windows 1709 upgrade Windows setup.exe completes and initiates reboot of system to complete upgrade
20/07/2018 09:59:xx AM – (ccmsetup.log) CCM setup starts a re-install of 1802 client, stopping CCMExec and un-registering components
20/07/2018 10:00:20 AM – (smsts.log) Windows 1709 upgrade starts task sequence initialization to resume upgrade process
20/07/2018 10:00:21 AM –…

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Combining multiple queries in one collection – SCCM

I was hired for one secondment, and I moved to much bigger environment. And one of task was to deploy Office 2016. Ill write another post of deploying Office 2016 with scripts to uninstall previous version of Office. After some digging, I figured that environment has mixed versions of Office in place. After creating initial […] … Continue reading Combining multiple queries in one collection – SCCM

Driver management best practices in SCCM (Operating System Deployment)

AN IT DIARY of Windows, MEM & PowerShell

Hi friends

In one of my recent project I had to perform Windows 10 OSD. As you know there are several task to be taken care of while you create OSD task sequence and driver management is one of the pivotal task in the list. I used few posts as best practices for driver management. These blogs are complete so I don’t feel there is need to rewrite and also credit must go to authors for such a good work. I referred:




This should work as quick reference whenever needed.

So this is all in this post. See you soon with some other technical stuff. Till then bye.

Happy New Year 2018.

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In telemetry we trust?

More than patches

Telemetry is one of those things that tends to divide a room. On one hand it’s productive and accurate feedback for your product of choice and on the other hand it’s big brother spying on what you’re doing in that product. I wanted to share a recent experience with you based on my recent upgrade of Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) to the recent 1710 release as it may make you change your mind.

The long awaited 1710 release was made available last week a little before midnight in the UK on 20/11/17 (or 11/20 in the US Smile). The next morning I fired up my lab which runs the current branch version of SCCM, ran the early update ring PowerShell script and proceeded to whizz through the wizard in a speedy not hastily fashion. This was lab after all so on with the day job and I’ll check…

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ConfigMgr : Hardware Inventory flow

Intune, Microsoft Endpoint Manager Configuration Manager Administration

SCCM ..(Hardware Inventory)

Hardware Inventory

Hardware inventory is a feature in itself and functions independent to the other features of SCCM, but it closely depends on a successful deployment.

SCCM Setup has to complete successfully. The Hardware inventory feature on the server side solely depends on setup and successful SQL install. All the tables from the default sms_def.mof should get correctly created in SQL with the right credentials.

Similarly, for the hardware inventory agent to function as per requirements on the advanced client the client setup should have completed successfully and the client should have access to the MP for the advanced client. On the Advanced client the Inventory agent’s functionality is dependent on the running of the SMS Agent Host service (ccmexec).

The entire hardware inventory feature is dependent on the sms_def.mof file present in the clifiles.srchinv folder on the SiteServer. If that file is deleted or made corrupt…

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Power BI : Active Directory v/s SCCM Boundaries

Purpose : Active Directory Sites and System Center Configuration Manager Boundaries are hard to keep in sync - especially in an environment where there are regular changes and several team managing each technology separately. This Power BI dashboard solution will help analyze and reduce down the gaps in SCCM. The dashboard will help SCCM administrators … Continue reading Power BI : Active Directory v/s SCCM Boundaries

ConfigMgr : Query to find SCCM client versions (ConfigMgr 2012)

download : SQLQuery-find-agentsversions select sys.Client_Version0, "CM Name"= case sys.Client_Version0 when '4.00.6487.2000' then 'CM07 SP2 (4.00.6487.2000)' when '4.00.6487.2188' then 'CM07 R3 (4.00.6487.2188)' when '4.00.6487.2187' then 'CM07 R3 (4.00.6487.2187)' when '4.00.6487.2157' then 'CM07 R3 (4.00.6487.2157)' when '5.00.0000.0000' then 'CM12 RTM (5.00.0000.0000)' when '5.00.7804.1000' then 'CM12 SP1 (5.00.7804.1000)' when '5.00.7804.1202' then 'CM12 SP1 CU1 (5.00.7804.1202)' when '5.00.7804.1300' then 'CM12 … Continue reading ConfigMgr : Query to find SCCM client versions (ConfigMgr 2012)

ConfigMgr : OSD : How To Create a Bootable USB Windows 7 Build Disk

Prerequisites The following are required to build the Windows 7 USB Media: Windows 7 Machine USB Removable Drive   Step by Step: How to prepare the USB The USB device must be prepared prior to generate the stand alone media. On a Windows 7 PC, Insert the USB device and launch the command line in … Continue reading ConfigMgr : OSD : How To Create a Bootable USB Windows 7 Build Disk

ConfigMgr : SQL Query to find Application and version by location

Download :  SQLQuery-Findmachines-withoutlook-locationspecific SELECT distinct b.Netbios_Name0, b.User_Name0, b.ad_site_name0, a.FileName, a.FileVersion, a.FilePath FROM v_GS_SoftwareFile a JOIN v_R_System b ON a.ResourceID = b.ResourceID JOIN v_RA_System_SystemOUName c ON a.ResourceID = c.ResourceID WHERE FileName = 'outlook.exe' and AD_Site_Name0 like '%perth%' ORDER BY b.Netbios_Name0

ConfigMgr : Creating queries, collections and reports for Window Server 2008 Core in System Center Configuration Manager 2007

System Center Configuration Manager 2007 SP2 allows client installation on Windows Server 2008 Core systems* but it does not differentiate between Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 Core machines in either queries, collections or reports. * Configuration Manager 2007 SP2 Supported Configurations: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee344146.aspx To determine which SKU a particular machine is running, you can use … Continue reading ConfigMgr : Creating queries, collections and reports for Window Server 2008 Core in System Center Configuration Manager 2007