OSD Pro Tip: How to stop your OSD task sequences from causing mass destruction

Colin Ford

There have been improvements over the years within SCCM to help prevent OSD admins from deploying career changing task sequences to entire environments and wiping out thousands systems. Namely, the ability to limit within the console which collections you are able to deploy an OSD task sequence to, based on the number of members of that collection. The introduction of this feature likely shows that this event was occurring probably way too often.

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Prevent users from logging After Task sequence reboot the machine

Prevent users from logging After Task sequence reboot the machine There could be some requirement that machine must be reboot during the task sequence execution, however, we do not allow the user to log in immediately as some other part of task sequence or other steps to be executed. To stop the user login after … Continue reading Prevent users from logging After Task sequence reboot the machine

SCCM crashes before task sequence on usb boot media

When Rebooting Is Not The Answer

Ok, so just wanted to post this real quick post that might help someone since I had a lot of trouble finding the answer.  I couldn’t use pxe and needed to be able to boot at a location with usb bootable media.  So easy I’ll just create some.  Thing was I would have it reboot as soon as I would put in the password for the boot media.  No errors network showed connected which is a typical issue with drivers not being in your boot media.  So I continued to restart and study my smsts.log and came across the below.

Failed to run unattended because there is no mandatory deployment.

After thinking about it a while I remembered I had set it to allow unattended deployment.  Well it turns out if no deployments are deployed to the machine as required that option doesn’t let it choose a task sequence.  So just…

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Combining multiple queries in one collection – SCCM

I was hired for one secondment, and I moved to much bigger environment. And one of task was to deploy Office 2016. Ill write another post of deploying Office 2016 with scripts to uninstall previous version of Office. After some digging, I figured that environment has mixed versions of Office in place. After creating initial […] … Continue reading Combining multiple queries in one collection – SCCM

Driver management best practices in SCCM (Operating System Deployment)

AN IT DIARY of Windows, MEM & PowerShell

Hi friends

In one of my recent project I had to perform Windows 10 OSD. As you know there are several task to be taken care of while you create OSD task sequence and driver management is one of the pivotal task in the list. I used few posts as best practices for driver management. These blogs are complete so I don’t feel there is need to rewrite and also credit must go to authors for such a good work. I referred:




This should work as quick reference whenever needed.

So this is all in this post. See you soon with some other technical stuff. Till then bye.

Happy New Year 2018.

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ConfigMgr : OSD : Build failure Troubleshooting and Logs gathering

During the Build process if you encounter any issues you can perform further investigation with the below mandatory information Machine model Error code with snapshot Error stage with snapshot (may be hiding behind the Task Sequence error window) Single system failure OR multiple systems failures Build Failure Logs (as described below) Mention if any HW component … Continue reading ConfigMgr : OSD : Build failure Troubleshooting and Logs gathering