SCORCH : Remediating SCOM Alerts Using Orchestrator

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One of the most effective Orchestrator runbooks is the ability to remediate SCOM alerts, If you receive a certain SCOM alert and you used to solve it following manual tasks everytime, you can create a runbook which can automate it all..

It is assumed that there is a SCOM server up and running monitoring an IIS8 website and integrated with SCO.

without further ado let’s jump in :-

This is the final runbook we are going to create and I will walk you through some activities :-


As you see we are going to create a runbook that will investigate the stoppage and the unavailability of an IIS 8 website, without Orchestrator you used to ping the related server, check IIS services and make sure they are all up and running, we can make all that in one runbook to ping the related server and to check for any stopped…

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Powershell : OpsMgr : SCOM 2012 Prereqs Powershell

Start-Transcript -Path c:transcript0.txt -noclobber# This scripts needs unrestricted accessWrite-Host "This scripts needs unrestricted access (Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted.)" -ForegroundColor GreenWrite-Host "The prereq setup for System Center 2012 R2 Operations Manager takes around 15 minutes depending on your internet speed" -ForegroundColor Green# Setting the variables.$folderpath0 = 'C:Source'$ShareName = "Source$"#Check if folder exists, if not, create itif (Test-Path $folderpath0){Write-Host … Continue reading Powershell : OpsMgr : SCOM 2012 Prereqs Powershell