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Welcome to the blog .. to be simple .. System Center Orchestrator is a workflow tool dedicated to automate repeated tasks .. this is done by integrating SCO with other systems by using what is called the integration packs and setting conditions that will trigger the solution you design “The…

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SCCM ..(Hardware Inventory) Hardware Inventory Hardware inventory is a feature in itself and functions independent to the other features of SCCM, but it closely depends on a successful deployment. SCCM Setup has to complete successfully. The Hardware inventory feature on the server side solely depends on setup and…

Purpose : Active Directory Sites and System Center Configuration Manager Boundaries are hard to keep in sync – especially in an environment where there are regular changes and several team managing each technology separately. This Power BI dashboard solution will help analyze and reduce down the gaps in SCCM. The dashboard will help SCCM administrators […]

This guide will take you through troubleshooting guides, tips, tricks and tools to achieve 95%+ compliance in your environment and maximum coverage. The guide assumes the following environmental conditions:   Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 R3 WSUS 3.0 SP2 used as base for Software Updates Windows Client endpoints Three tier SCCM hierarchy   – […]

An awesome example of what power bi can do – and its all interactive and dynamic content – which sync’s with your sql data in real time. a little bit of sql and little bit of excel does the magic. The dashboard above was created to show the remnants of Office 2010 in the environment. […]

Start-Transcript -Path c:transcript0.txt -noclobber # This scripts needs unrestricted access Write-Host “This scripts needs unrestricted access (Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted.)” -ForegroundColor Green Write-Host “The prereq setup for System Center 2012 R2 Operations Manager takes around 15 minutes depending on your internet speed” -ForegroundColor Green # Setting the variables. $folderpath0 = ‘C:Source’ $ShareName = “Source$” #Check if folder […]